Expected end of statement, encounterd EOF

This happens when you import the file with SQL statements into isql. When you use -i or 'in' to import the file, it's as if you typed the file contents into isql yourself. For example, this is a valid SQL statement:


If you save this as a file and import into isql, you'll get the error. Imagine you typed that into isql manually. It would be happy waiting for further input after the closed bracket, and won't do anything until you type semi-colon and press enter. So, make sure you complete your statements:


And also make sure that you have a newline character at the end of the last line. Same as with manual input: isql doesn't execute a line until you hit Enter.

The other problem is transaction management. If you run isql with -i it quits at the end without committing the transaction. So, if you have non-DDL statements at the end of file, make sure you add COMMIT; after it:


Now, you can expect to see that 10 value in the table.

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