Where can I learn about history of Firebird?

Here's a short time line. Firebird started from InterBase 6.0 open source code, so here's what led to that:

InterBase days:
o 1976: Jim Starkey wrote Datatrieve at DEC.
o 1981: Jim Starkey started coding JRD (Jim's Relational Database).
o 1984: Jim Starkey, Ann Harrison and Don Depalma founded Groton Database Systems (GDS)
o 1986: Groton became InterBase
o 1986: Ashton-Tate started investing in InterBase and bought it completely in 1991
o 1991: Borland bought Ashton-Tate (and thus InterBase)
o 1995: $3.5 mil. contract with U.S. Army (Magnavox).
o 1997: Borland creates ISC (InterBase Software Corp.)
o 1998: Borland changes name to Inprise Corporation
o 1999: Bill Karwin, Paul Beach and Wayne Ostiguy resign ISC. IB development is halted

o 2000, Jan: Inprise announces IB6 will be open sourced
o 2000, Feb: A new company created to support open source IB. Ann Harrison, Jim Starkey and Paul Beach are back.
o 2000, Jul: Inprise releases source of Interbase 6.0

o 2000, Jul: Firebird project started at SourceForge, as Inprise doesn't allow access to extenal developers
o 2000, Dec: Frank Schlottmann-Goedde detects a backdoor in InterBase source code
o 2001, Jan: Inprise is renamed back to Borland
o 2001, Mar: Borland closes the InterBase sources for future versions
o 2001, Dec: Borland announces IB 6.5 - closed source version
o 2002, Mar: Firebird 1.0 released
o 2002, Nov: The FirebirdSQL Foundation incorporated
o 2004, Feb: Firebird 1.5 released
o 2004, Aug: The Firebird Book by Helen Borrie is published by Apress
o 2006, Dec: Firebird 2.0 released

If you wish more detailed history, take a look at these:


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