How to do replication of Firebird databases?

Firebird does not offer replication out-of-the-box, you need to use some 3rd party tools. Those external tools add specific triggers that log all the changes in database and replicate to other databases. Here are some tools:

IBReplicator - commercial, cross-platform, full-featured

FiBRE - open source, cross-platform

FBReplicator - open source

IBO Replication Module - Delphi/C++ Builder components

ReplicadorBR - open source

Replicador Firebird - freeware
Originally available from
Download (2.2MB zip file) from:

CopyCat Developer (Delphi components) and Standalone (application) - commercial

ININ Replication Manager - commercial

Daffodil Replicator - commercial

DB Replicator - open source fork of Daffodil

DBRE - open source, supports Firebird and MySQL

IB LogManager - not a real replicator, but helps setting up a hot-standby environment easily:

Demo Flash movie available here:

SymmetricsDS - open source, cross platform, supports various DBMS:

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