What is fb_inet_server, fbserver, fbguard, fbclient, fbembed, gds32?

Those are various Firebird server processes and client libraries:

* fb_inet_server is a server process of Firebird Classic
* fbserver is a server process of Firebird SuperServer

Difference beween those two is that SuperServer can listen to incoming connections on its own, while Classic needs to be handed an already established connection.

* fbguard is a small program that checks whether the SuperServer is running and restarts it if it crashes. It is rarely needed nowdays (check FAQ #31).

* fbclient is a client library. It containst functions that applications use to connect to and work with Firebird server

* gds32 is an alias for fbclient, kept for backward compatibility with Firebird 1.0 and many legacy InterBase tools that load gds32 and know nothing about fbclient.

* fbembed contains the regular Firebird client (fbclient) and the database engine. This is a client enhanced with ability to manipulate database files directly. It does not listen to incoming connections on TCP/IP port.

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