About Firebird FAQ

Firebird FAQ is an online repository of answers to frequently, and not so frequently asked questions about the Firebird database management system (DBMS). This Q&A collection is built by Firebird users, for Firebird users. All FirebirdFAQ editors have been using Firebird in various projects since the first versions showed up for download. While most of the contents are written from our personal experience, there are also bits collected from various online forums, mailing lists or websites.

The goal of the FAQ is to provide a central point for Firebird user or administrator to begin their search. The FAQ is open for contribution by any knowledgeable Firebird user. Please check our add content page for details. When compared with other sources of information, the main benefit of this FAQ is that it's always kept up to date - at least that's what we aim to achieve. When new versions of Firebird come out, answers to many questions may change. We try our best to keep up with it, and provide information for both old and new versions. However, if you spot something we missed, please let us know, an we'll fix it.

If you have any questions or ideas how to improve the FirebirdFAQ, please feel free to contact us. You can contact us even if you have an unanswered question to which you haven't found at solution in the FAQ. Perhaps we know the answer already and it is worth including in the database.

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