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Instead of keeping your Firebird related notes scattered all around in both paper and electronic form, you can have all of them available online whenever you need them. This also ensures you don't lose some valid piece of information which you might need months later. We do daily backups of FAQ and, as expected, everything is stored in a Firebird database - the only one we trust.

Help us extend this knowledge base and thus help all other Firebird users around the world. Together, the Firebird community can achieve much more. Instead of having to rely on Google for this kind of information, all users can start their search from this common hub.


E-mail us your suggestions, changes to existing FAQs, or create a completely new FAQ entry yourself. To ensure quality of information, all submissions are read and most of the time tested on real-world Firebird databases by our editors. If you require so, any contribution you make will be credited to your name.

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