How to change password without Services API?

You can use Firebird's gsec tool:

gsec -database path -mo username -pw new_password -user sysdba -pass masterkey

For example, to change SYSDBA password from masterkey to mykey on Linux:

/opt/firebird/bin/gsec -database localhost:/opt/firebird/security.fdb -mo sysdba -pw mykey -user sysdba -pass masterkey

On Windows:

C:\Programs\Firebird\Firebird2\bin\gsec -database localhost:c:/Programs/Firebird/Firebird2/security.fdb -mo sysdba -pw mykey -user sysdba -pass masterkey

Just change to paths to be the same as on your system.

Explanation of gsec switches:

-user should always be SYSDBA
-pass SYSDBA password

-mo modify user
-add add user
-del delete user
-pw password for user

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